Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How I Passed the California Bar Exam (CBX)

I just received an awesome comment by an anonymous person on a blog that I am deciding to delete ("What I Should Have Done the First Time I Took the CA Bar").  I am deleting that video because I recorded it regarding the preparation for my second attempt at the bar, before learning of my results.

Now, that I have passed, I believe I'm in a better position to adequately respond the the kind comment by Anonymous, which stated:

"Hi Jessie, I once read your ask why twice article a while back while I was in law school. Coincidentally, I found you in the comments from Grand Poobah's blog. I really like your writing style. You have a very clear thought process. Congrats on the bar exam. I hope you will tell us about what you did this time around. You should definitely blog about being a practicing lawyer when you get sworn in, too. It's tough out there (in the job market)."

Awwww!  :D

So, without further ado, here is my blog about precisely what I did to pass the California Bar Exam -- the beast that it is.

Note: Yes, there are in fact 3 videos here.  The total investment time in watching these is about 35 minutes.  I believe, however, that (especially for repeat bar takers) this could very well resonate with you, and, similar to my other law blog entries, help clarify the "how" part of the exam.  Also, if you want tutoring info, click here for my post on that.

And why is it, by the way, that all video thumbnails suck so badly???  Ah, well.  Here are some links to the books/products/information that I used and recommend:

Also, one keeper tidbit of info from the blog entry that I'm deleting must survive: Here's the link to a New York Times article about a recent study that just came out in Science in January 2011.  It was conducted at Purdue.  The conclusion of the study is in the  title of the NYT article: To Really Learn, Quit Studying, and Take a Test.

Since posting this, a lot of people have asked me about tutoring for the CBX.  Please see my post on that issue here if you want some guidance.

Good luck, everyone!  I know you can do it! :D