Who Can Benefit from this Blog?

I started this blog with 1Ls in mind because many 1Ls don't have access to very much useful guidance.

However, this blog is NOT exclusively for 1Ls.  Indeed, 2Ls, 3Ls, and even some practicing attorneys have found several of these posts helpful.  I even recently had a graduate student (non-law) tell me how much she appreciated my entry regarding cover letters.  Apparently, she helped her significant other write a cover letter for an engineering job based upon it, and--you guessed it--he got the job.  Now, I'm not saying anything about causation there; the engineer was likely very qualified.  But, hey.  If you find yourself stuck, hopefully these blogs will help un-stick you.

Often in life--and more-so in law school, people will tell you "what" you need, but you'll be left hanging as to "how" to accomplish that.  So, essentially, I try to focus on the latter.

When I started studying for the California Bar Exam (CBX), I soon learned that the same problems that I had with law school equally applied to bar preparation: namely, there is very little information about how to write a good essay or performance test.  Again, I found the same old, tired information related to "what" to do, but not "how" to really do it (or, more importantly, how to do it well).  Thus, this blog should also be helpful for those who are studying for the bar.

If you have new ideas, please leave comments, and I will try to incorporate that into my Law Blog.