Sunday, November 14, 2010

Clubs & Organizations: How Social Should You Be?

Now that I've graduated from law school, I've been receiving emails and invitations to attend certain events as an alumn.  Like in law school, participation in events or clubs should be undertaken with discretion.  Notwithstanding, I still think law students and lawyers should participate in, at least, some social interests.

Law students:

Being involved in a law school club can keep you from wanting to gouge your eyes out in law school.  There were some days when the only motivator to me to come to campus was the fact that I had to moderate an event for the International Human Rights Law Society or some other club.

Also, being involved in a club helps you to have at least something in common with your fellow classmates besides law!  Perhaps, besides talking about Pennoyer, you can talk about something interesting... like animal welfare, tattoos, or surfing.

One of the most worthwhile organizations that I became involved with was my local bar association.  I met many lawyers with whom I still keep in contact.  That was invaluable throughout my three years in law school, while studying for the bar, and beyond.


Recently, I volunteered to judge 3 rounds for a national moot court competition after a law student who has a particular way with my heartstrings asked me to do so.  Even though it was a pain to drive nearly 2 hours to get to the event, and even though I have almost zero time for myself after having started working for my firm, acting as a moot court justice was incredibly rewarding!

These kids really had it together!  I was so proud of them and how well they did.  Plus, I (along with every other attorney) have a belief that my feedback will somehow make a difference in their lives.  I'll never know, but I'll just close my eyes and believe.

Sadly, I can't go to everything that I've been invited to.  Hell, I can't even make it to 1/10 of the events... not even the events that really interest me.  I just live too far away from my old law school.

Still, I found that judging the moot court competition felt good to my soul.  So, I'm going to make an effort to do one thing each semester with law students... no matter where I end up working in the future.

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