Monday, February 25, 2013

Fun Fact About My Last Name (Zaylia)

No one is ever going to believe this.

So, some of you know that I made up my last name many years ago. But, as it didn't exist before then, I decided that I had the right to create the meaning of this word. So, I went to a few baby name sites and told the owners that Zaylia means "female independence and empowerment."

Now, there is a line of cosmetics out of Australia called "Zaylia Cosmetics," and on the website's "about us" page, it provides, "Zaylia was chosen as the name for this modern new line of cosmetics as it is an ancient greek word meaning: female, independence, empowerment, zeal and envy."


... I don't know how anyone thought it was Greek, but whatever.


  1. Jessie your name is only part of your uniqueness. Now here's one for you.

    Monica and I want to put out the word for girls, females, women to go out and buy plan B to have it
    at home. If the circumstances aren't right for them, right now,empowerment.

    What do you think?


    1. I think that the more options that women have, the better.

  2. Hi Zaylia :-) my name's Declan. I just wanted to say, great comment on youtube regarding Scooby's chat about getting dates, where you said women are just people. I think it's important to make good and bad human qualities separate to gender, as that helps remove the veil over what are sexist comments. kind regards

    1. Thank you, Declan. Yah... the overwhelmingly sexist comments under that particular video were astounding. I felt compelled to defend all women against those awful remarks. Take care!