Saturday, December 1, 2012

Tutoring Info for the California Bar Exam (CBX)

I have had multiple requests to tutor some of the visitors to this blog.  Mostly, this has regarded preparation for the California Bar Exam (CBX for short).  

Back when I was taking the bar, I was soooo frustrated that I couldn't find any good, substantive information about how to take the CBX without having to pay $5,000 - $10,000 for a full bar course!  It sucked.

I mean, I knew that I had to know the law, but there is so much more to the "how" of taking the bar than learning the elements of a ton of legal issues.  This fits in with the general theme of this blog in that I like to address the "hows" of law school, the bar, and other things because, frankly, this information is absent (at least, for the most part, and if existent at all, you usually have to pay a premium in the hopes of getting the "how" that should be taught in the first place!).  

I also remember feeling so frustrated as a bar-taker that I couldn't just get an hour or two of tutoring without buying a whole course from god-knows-who for thousands of dollars. I just wanted to pick someone's brain for an hour or two, but this wasn't really available as a service.

Another thing that I wanted that was unavailable as an individual service was for someone to go over an essay that I had written as part of another bar course piece by piece.  I wanted someone to sit down with me personally and give it to me straight: the good, the bad, and the ugly.  For someone to tell me what my bad patterns were and, most importantly, how to change them would have been invaluable.  Again, though, this was just nowhere to be found without committing to much, much more financially.

A couple of years ago, I thought that I could swing tutoring for the California Bar, but it has proven to be simply too time-consuming.  Even taking on one student at a time has required many hours that I simply no longer have.  Plus, I tend to be a no-nonsense kind of person, and that only goes over well with some people.

I truly try to put everything that I know in the posts on my blog, which, as you know, is free.  There are no gimmicks or scams.  There aren't even any ads.  I wanted to create for you some sort of proverbial "pot of gold" at the end of the rainbow for all who have enough gumption to search for it and to land here.  

I can tell you what I don't recommend. I don't recommend some of the flashy, cheesy, commercial-y type of e-books that are out in the world (even ones that I've been told were inspired by me).  The resources that I used are all listed below my How I Passed the California Bar Exam (CBX) post.  I certainly don't recommend certain tutors, but I cannot write their names here because... well, you should know if you're studying for the bar.

I will say, though, that the tutor whom I used the final time that I studied for the CBX was Steve Liosi.  I think that buying courses is not enough for some people (I include myself in that category).  For me, I have always needed some degree of one-on-one attention to address my particular problems, and Steve's tutoring finally got me to see the light.  He is direct, which some people can interpret as harsh, but, personally, I appreciated his straightforwardness; it wastes less time, in my opinion.  ** Please note that Steve Liosi has no idea that I've written this.  In all probability, he doesn't remember me.  I'm merely giving his name out to those who care to know whom I used as a tutor when I passed the California Bar.  Previously, I had used another private tutor, and that person's advice, though sincere, was downright inaccurate and archaic.  Steve's site/blog isn't flashy, but here it is, in case you want to know: 

I wish all of you the best of luck.  If you ever want me to address a particular issue that I haven't already covered, please feel free to leave a comment.  (But I can't be your tutor or grade your exam.  Sadly, I simply do not have adequate time to dedicate what is needed to do that.)